What is the Splice Project all about?

Students from around the Te Awamutu district, representing all year levels, are getting together to try something different in our learning community. Teachers and Principals from around the community believe it is time that they make some sensible changes to teaching practice; that it is time they listen to student voices about factors that impact on the way we learn. Please click on the Tabs above to see our work, especially our Video and Newspaper material. We’d appreciate it if you left a comment or emailed us at spliceproject@gmail.com.

During 2007/2008 we worked on a similar project with our learning facilitator. We called it ‘The Student Voice Project’. We made a 30 minute video that has been viewed by educators around New Zealand (We’ve posted a shortened 14 min version on the videos page). It’s about the changes to teaching and learning that we thought were necessary in our schools. Below is a link to Mrs D’s blog where you can view the full Student Voice Project Video.

This time around, we are targeting the wider community. We want to better inform them about changes in education and ask them how they think the community can work with schools to provide our students with an excellent 21st century education. We’ve decided to do this by posting material in this blog, designing and writing articles for our own two-page spreads in the local newspaper, surveying the community online and F2F, and making another video (or two)… so watch this space!
We’re committed to this project and often work in our own time. Below is a peek at some of us at work -from a Brainstorming session Marcus filmed with Mrs D.

Like we’ve said, the purpose of our SPLICE blog is to provide some good information about changes in schooling, and to see how we can work in partnership with our community to improve our learning opportunities and develop deeper understandings of the concepts we need.
Below we’ve embedded the “Shift Happens” video (UK Version). There are many versions of this video – all showing the pace of global change. It gives us lots to consider about how these facts will effect our future.

So, what do you think ?
If you’ve got any good ideas or comments you can email us at: spliceproject@gmail.com

This project has been funded by the Microsoft Innovative Schools Pilot Project (thanks Microsoft!).

Please make sure you check out our pages on the Tabs at the top – so you can see ALL our work!
Cheers, Christina (Yr 10) Blogsite Manager

I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. (Albert Einstein)